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Fees and charges

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are set by Bendigo TAFE. Rates are calculated using an hourly rate multiplied by the course hours in any one year. The actual hourly rate will vary, depending on whether the student is eligible for a government subsidy or concession or neither. 
Check for your eligibility via the Victorian Skills Gateway. Concessions for Diploma and Advanced Diploma course categories are only available to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.
Each student must pay an enrolment fee to study at Bendigo TAFE. Each student's enrolment fee may differ, depending on their individual circumstances. The enrolment fee is charged per enrolment period and consists of the three components.

Course prices

Course prices are indicated on each individual course page, showing standard fees, apprenticeships fees, concession and government subsidised fees.

View the Fees & Charges Guide


Student services and amenities fee

The charge is a fixed amount per student that applies to enrolments.  The charge applies equally to concession and non-concession students. Student services and amenities fees are also calculated on each individual course page.

>> read more on Student Services Fees


Materials fee

Materials fee covers the cost of providing goods or materials purchased by Bendigo TAFE to be used by students in the course of training.

A materials list will be provided detailing what items are required and when they need to be purchased by. Your course coordinator will provide a materials list prior to enrolment. Examples are trade tools, class materials, safety wear, uniforms, excursions and camps.

This fee varies according to the course being undertaken and there are no concession rates available.

Materials fees can be identified on each individual course page.

The fees and charges outlined above are applicable only to Australian students. International students follow separate application processes and charges.


​Other administration fees/service​ ​Cost  $
Replacement ID​ ​15
​Replacement certificate ​40
​Refund processing fee ​80
​Replacement Statement of Results ​10
​Statement of Results (pre 1986) ​50
​Replacement Statement of Attainment ​40
​Overseas application fee ​100
Education verification​​ ​50
​Police checks ​22
​Replacement Certificates (issued before 2000) ​100
​Electrical Exam resit fee ​108.90


Tuition, student services and amenities fees are payable in full at the time of enrolment. GST will be charged where applicable and will be detailed on each student’s official receipt. Students have a variety of options for payment of their fees and charges, including; cash, cheque, credit card, Part Payment Plan and direct debit.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all fees or debts are paid. Students with outstanding debts to Bendigo TAFE will not be permitted to re-enrol, receive a statement of results or certificates, or to graduate.

For further details on what you need to bring when you enrol, refer to Applications and Enrolment.

Students having difficulty paying enrolment fees can get advice from student support services about options that may be available. 

There are options available if you need assistance with tuition fees such as government subsidies, VET FEE-HELP, employer assistance and part payment plan. 
>> read more on fee assistance


In some circumstances, you may be eligible for a refund of fees paid to Bendigo TAFE. All applications for refund must be made in writing to Manager, Student Services and Reporting.  For further details on refunds, please refer to the Welcome booklet.

This information does not apply to international students – refer to International students fees and charges

Refer to the Refund for Eligible Students Enrolled in VET FEE-HELP Enabled Courses Policy if withdrawing from a VET FEE-HELP eligible course or unit of study.

Fee for service

Some of our courses are charged using a fixed fee for service enrolment fee which includes all three components of the enrolment fee. Where this is the case, it is clearly indicated on
the relevant course information.   

The fixed fee for service course rates vary depending upon the course. There are no government subsidies, exemptions or concession rates available for these courses. Vocational education and training in schools (VETiS), short courses and courses for international students attract a fee for service enrolment fee. 

Bendigo TAFE Statement of VET Tuition Assurance

Under the provisions of Schedule 1A of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) Chapter 3 of the VET Provide Guidelines Bendigo TAFE (the First Provider) must comply with the VET Tuition Assurance requirements. This is to protect students in the event that Bendigo TAFE ceases to provide a VET course of study in which a student is enrolled.

Visit VET Tuition Assurance, including courses currently listed under this agreement for more information.

Further details on VET Tuition Assurance requirements contact TAFE Directors Australia.  

Fees and Charges Guide

We've summarised all the information you need to know regarding fees and charges in this handy guide. Fees and Charges Guide


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