Bendigo Mums 4 Mums fundraiser

It’s well known how all-consuming parenting can be. The constant nurturing and supervision of kids can leave you with little opportunity for 
anything else. This is particularly acute for young mums, usually grappling with the double whammy of the constant demands of a child and the potential regret of a career never realised. To borrow the colloquialism, parenting is a 24/7 responsibility. But what if you wish to do more in between scooping up discarded dollops of baby food? That’s where our Young Mums group comes in.

The Bendigo Young Mums VCAL Program seeks to provide a new spin on the traditional mum’s groups by offering a bit more tailored support for what can often be a daunting and lonely experience. Designed to provide young mums with an opportunity to complete their studies and gain skills to undertake further education or find a job, the programme offers classroom support and in class child minding to allow the young mums to undertake their VCAL studies. Offered in three separate levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Senior – with no age restrictions) these services seek to offer an unrivalled opportunity to reconnect with education in a child-friendly space!

The program is already achieving notable results, with two students completing Cert IVs in Community Services and immediately commencing Diploma level studies. One student completed her Senior VCAL with Young Mums prior to continuing her studies. She has since received a Student of the Year Award.

Going beyond the classroom, the Bendigo TAFE VCAL Young Mums programme also works with community groups like the Mums 4 Mums to help raise awareness and funds, to support young mums in need.

From an inception as a support base in hospital post-birth, the organisers soon noticed that there was a great need to assist mothers and families who had no conventional support base. Thus, Bendigo Mums 4 Mums was born; an intergenerational support network designed to assist and support those who otherwise may not have had anyone to rely on.

Over time Bendigo Mums 4 Mums grew into a fundraiser and has been very successful in gaining the support of local businesses in a range of ways from donations to raffle/silent auction prizes to simple gift cards

The Bendigo TAFE Young Mums VCALprogramme has now partnered with Mums 4 Mums and will be hosting a fundraising event with a silent auction, BBQ, second hand, a raffle and lots of child friendly activities.

The event provides the community with the opportunity to support the charity, and in turn, ensure that the young mums of Bendigo are getting the fair go they deserve.

When: Wednesday 2nd August, 2017
Where: Bendigo TAFE City Campus (Opposite Vahlands Bistro)
Time: 11am – 4pm