Influence today: Career proof the future

The rate of change within the workplace is occurring at an unprecedented rate. According to a recent report by the Foundation for Young Australians the average young person will not only have 17 different jobs over 5 careers in their lifetime, but will also take “on average 4.7 years to transition from full-time education to full-time work.” In conjunction with the City of Greater Bendigo and La Trobe University, the Bendigo TAFE Skills & Jobs Centre is hosting our inaugural Education Industry Forum on the 9th August to provide some solutions to these dilemmas and many more.

The transformation of the workplace is currently occurring at an unprecedented pace as rapid technological advances put to question almost all aspects of work and the workplace. This rate of change can seem insurmountably daunting to an observer, as potentially impenetrable jargon takes centre stage. How do we keep pace with change? How do we adapt? The Education Industry Forum attempts to bridge these gaps via a comprehensive series of seminars that demonstrate the future is one to embrace rather than fear.

This event will see the best and brightest from education, employment services, industry and Government engage with each other and the wider community to share the possibilities that exist with the future of work and emerging regional opportunities. Attendees will gain a valuable insight into the rapacious development of these sectors. What technologies will benefit businesses as they seek to take advantage of new workplace advancements? How will this impact on future jobs and education? Answers to these will be offered as resources that add currency, scope and tailored advice to those seeking employment pathways are available at the Forum, as well as the progress and development these technologies are making into several current infrastructure projects in the Bendigo region.

For Bendigo TAFE Skills and Jobs Centre, this is an opportunity to showcase our briskly progressing new Health and Community Centre of Excellence that aims to provide healthcare and altruistic benefits to the community it serves. For La Trobe University, the forum is a chance to highlight and promote the important work undertaken by the university’s Rural Health School to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and regional communities, through its renowned health science degrees, articulation pathways, world-class research programs and strategic partnerships.

For both education providers the Forum provides an intangible engagement with community and industry with the bountiful courses and qualifications both offer as both seek to influence the influencers.

For the City of Greater Bendigo this is an outstanding opportunity to discuss the number of research initiatives currently underway, as well as cementing the ties between education and industry within its boundaries. These strengthened relationships will provide increased collaborative opportunities between the two entities, with vast benefits to the workplace and community.

The Education Industry Forum is a watershed moment for our local community as we attempt to bridge the divides of knowledge and create industry partnerships that create so many benefits for our region.

When: Wednesday 9th August 2017. 8:45am – 3:30pm
Where: The Capital, Banquet Room, 50 View St Bendigo