Certificate II in General Education for Adults

Course Code: 22473VIC
Study Area:
General Education

Start date: We accept rolling enrolments from January 2020

Duration: 6 months

This course is aimed at those who have not completed their secondary education, and are aged over 15 years. The content of this course provides you with general skills in reading, writing, numeracy and employability skills. Throughout your study you are assisted to establish further learning and pathway options including the Australian Defence Force (ADF)

  • Bendigo City Campus / Online
Course Structure
  • Full time - Classroom - 6 - Months consisting of:

  • Virtual Classroom - English
  • Virtual Classroom - Math
  • Virtual Classroom - Science


This qualification is state accredited

Possible careers
  • Possible entrance into the Army, other defence forces or security organisations. Skills learned will support other jobs as well (technical or apprenticeships).

  • Minimum 15 years of age and not currently enrolled in school
  • Evidence of finishing year 10 level in English, Math and Science

Course overview


  • VU22411 Research pathways and produce a learning plan and portfolio
  • VU22412 Implement and review a project
  • VU22414 Engage with a range of complex texts for learning purposes
  • VU22415 Engage with a range of complex texts for employment purposes
  • VU22419 Create a range of complex texts for learning purposes
  • VU22420 Create a range of complex texts to participate in the workplace
  • VU22422 Investigate and interpret shapes and measurements and related formulae
  • VU22423 Investigate numerical and statistical information
  • VU22424 Investigate and use simple mathematical formulae and problem solving techniques

  • VU22425 Investigate an environmental issue
  • VU22426 Investigate the characteristics of living things
  • VU22431 Investigate energy, force and matter
  • VU22432 Investigate chemical behaviour of common substances

  • How to apply
    Online application direct to Bendigo TAFE

    Selection process
    • Online Pre Training Review session

    Recognition of prior learning (RPL)
    Recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be given for skills and knowledge gained through previous study or other relevant experience.  Further information refer to RPL

    Assessment Methods
    • Written test delivered online

    Learning options
    • Online in virtual classrooms with support

    Key study areas

    This course focuses on building a student's skills and knowledge to assist with their next step, including preparation to sit the Australian Defence Force (ADF) entrance exam. The course covers 3 main areas which are English, Math, and Science.

    The English area addresses students’ needs to produce complex texts for learning and employment purposes. It also helps students with producing their own learning plans and portfolios. In addition, they learn the fundamental basics of implementing a project and how to review it.

    Through the math study, students learn about geometrical shapes and how to calculate their areas and volumes using appropriate formulae. They also learn how to use mathematical tool to assist in the understanding of numerical and statistical information that will enable them to participate in workplace activities and interpret data correctly.

    The last part is the science component that covers four areas specifically environment issues, biology, physics and chemistry. Students will be aware about the environmental challenges we have. The biology unit provides students with knowledge about the characteristics of living things. Students will learn about energy, force and matter during the course of physics. The chemistry unit addresses the basic knowledge required by the army about the chemical behaviour of common substances.

    Further study opportunities
    • Certificate III in General Education for Adults (22474VIC)


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