Gold Medallion – Indigenous Education

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

“Education is the key for Indigenous people. It opens a lot more doors and inspires you to try a bit harder.”

As a stay home mum for 12 years, Leticia never thought she’d be working in her dream job as a childcare assistant.

“I love kids. I always wanted to do childcare, but was a bit young and silly at the start and didn’t complete the course that I started straight out of high school,” she shared.

“I started working in hospitality instead and then was a stay home mum since 2005 to three kids. I then started volunteering at a childcare centre and they asked if I could do the course and start working there.”

The 36-year-old said returning to education while juggling work and family commitments had its challenges, but Bendigo TAFE’s teachers made the process easy.

“It was hard coming back to studies and making sure I got the assignments in on time as I was also working part-time and volunteering as a respite carer for two children. But my teachers supported me a lot and helped me on days I couldn’t come in to class,” she said.

Leticia highlights the value of learning with Bendigo TAFE’s Koorie learning unit and the benefits of transforming your life with education, no matter your age or background.

“Education is the key for Indigenous people. It opens a lot more doors and inspires you to try a bit harder,” she said.

“I feel good to be able to show that it doesn’t matter what age you are to follow your dream. I started working in the babies room but through education I’ve managed to progress into working with toddlers and now, with the kinder group.

“Bendigo TAFE’s Koorie unit provided a really supportive, close-knit learning environment and I’d recommend anyone who’s not happy in their jobs or at home to go for it and get yourselves a qualification.”

Leticia Day