Jan Lorimer Trust Award

​Diploma of Nursing

“If it wasn’t for what I learnt at TAFE and the opportunity to have a placement, I wouldn’t have secured my grad year at St. John of God.”

Rebecca has always been interested in nursing but pursuing her dreams wasn’t a viable option as a mother of five young children.

“Nursing was something I always wanted to do but had put it off due to other things – I worked as a security guard and as a personal carer, and cared for my children. Now that I’m almost 40, I decided that I need to do this; it’s now or never,” she shared.

The flexible nature of the course enabled Rebecca to balance her studies with family and other work commitments.

“The course went really well for me. It was initially scary coming back to education and I was worried about how I would cope with the workload. But once I got myself organised and made the time to do things, I fell into it quite easily. The fact that this was something I really wanted to do made a lot of difference,” she said.

“The course was three days a week so I was able to continue being a mum while studying. The support was really wonderful.”

The opportunity to take on work placements has provided Rebecca with the necessary stepping stones to a bright future in nursing and healthcare.

“The work placements have been fantastic and I managed to get a grad year at St. John of God after my placement there,” she said.

“After my grad year I intend to go to La Trobe University and start my Bachelor of Nursing. I want to work in remote and rural women’s health amongst Indigenous communities. I also hope to work in advocacy, which would tie in with my current work in home schooling and providing respite to autistic children with the Bendigo Autism Foundation.”

Rebecca Simmonds