Worldskills at Bendigo TAFE

Worldskills Australia is a veritable showcase of all the benefits and educational outcomes offered in vocational education and training. With an inherent focus on education and skills training, skills promotion, career building and international collaboration, Worldskills aims to highlight what is truly possible with the right combination of education and enthusiasm.

Their core projects incorporate a range of Regional and National Competitions, Schools based training and assessment, scholarships and networking opportunities and a number of Try’aSkill days that offer the opportunity to try your hand at a number of trades and disciplines. Bendigo TAFE’s focus are the Regional Competitions, with apprentices and students involved getting the chance to win or podium in their classes and go on to represent their trades at National Competitions!

Bendigo TAFE is a proud partner of Worldskills. We appreciate the level of competition that allows us to compare some of our best students with the best in the nation, and the opportunities and exposure it gives those who compete. Bendigo TAFE also believes in its fundamental objective of promoting the benefits and outcomes in job creation via vocational education.

Majority of competition commenced on Friday 22 September with the Regionals – involving 31 regions, 450 education institutes and over 5,000 competitors from a swathe of education disciplines across health, creative industries, trades, IT and many more. We were very fortunate to host MPs Jacinta Allan and Maree Edwards for a portion of the competitions, both of whom came away impressed with the skills and determination shown by the contestants and the focus they showed under the pressure of competition!​​

Worldskills at Bendigo TAFE!