VETDSS - Important Information

To enrol all VET Delivered to Secondary Schools, must provide Bendigo TAFE with their USI as a compulsory requirement of the Federal Government. If you do not already have a USI, then you must access the following website and follow the instructions


Key Dates for StudentsDate
Commencement Date TBC
Census Date*TBC
Completion DateTBC

*Student Withdrawal Census date:

There is a two week period, from the commencement date, in which students can withdraw or change VETDSS courses without incurring a fee. The VETDSS department must be informed via email by the secondary school co-ordinator of any withdrawals or changes before the census date. 


The census date for 2022 is Friday 25 February 2022.

The school will be invoiced the full enrolment amount for any student who is enrolled post the census date. We request that schools email the VETDSS department of withdrawals throughout the year to ensure that records are maintained accurately.

VETDSS teachers mark attendance rolls every class and are emailed to Secondary School Co-ordinators on the day of classes.

If students are going to be absent, please email the administration contact of the teaching department, so they can inform the teaching department.

A minimum of 80% attendance is required to ensure that students are able to keep up with their learning throughout the year.

All student statements of results and certificates (where eligible) are sent directly to the student. These are mailed to the students at the end of the school year. Please ensure that Bendigo TAFE has updated information on student’s residential addresses.


All VETDSS programs offered through Bendigo TAFE incur fees for tuition and materials. Program costs vary for each program. Bendigo TAFE invoices the secondary school directly for all programs and any student fees payable are set by the individual secondary schools.


All fees are invoiced directly to schools two weeks after the commencement of the program. Please contact VETDSS team for further information.

The ultimate responsibility for duty of care rests with the secondary school. If a student is required to leave class, they will be sent back to the secondary school and the school will be informed.

Bendigo TAFE has a student code of conduct and it is expected that all VET Delivered to Secondary Schools abide by the code.

This can be emailed to schools at request.

All VETDSSS contracts will be sent to schools in Term 2. It is the schools responsibility to have the contract signed and returned in a timely manner. Schools will be invoiced once the contract has been executed.