Contacts and useful links


The Bendigo TAFE Apprenticeship and Traineeship Coordinator
p. 03 5434 1563


Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (The Apprenticeship Network)

Apprenticeships Matter
p. 1800 005 355


Chambers Apprenticeship Support Australia Pty Limited
p. 1300 365 336


MAS National
p. 1300 627 628


MEGT Australian Apprenticeship Centre
p. 13 69 63​


Sarina Russo Job Access (Australia) Pty Ltd
p. 1300 178 776


The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
The VRQA regulates apprenticeships and traineeships. It can investigate disputes and complaints between you and your employer about your training contract. Its website has information about your rights and responsibilities, and how to deal with issues and problems. Call the VRQA if you have concerns about your training contract.

  • investigating disputes between apprentices, trainees and employers 
  • supporting apprentices/trainees who are victims of workplace violence and harassment
  • helping providers of training and further education with apprentices/traineeships
  • advising and counselling apprentices/trainees on training and other matter. 

 P. 1300 722 603 from 10:00am–4:30pm, Monday–Friday.


Competency based completion, frequently asked questions - DEECD​ 

Higher Education Skills Group - DEECD


Vocational Education and Training in Australia


Australian Apprenticeships


Apprenticeships Administration Information Line (VRQA)
p. 1300 722 603


Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeships Information Service


Fair Work Ombudsman
p. 13 13 94


p. 03 9655 4801   


P. 1800 136 089


p. 1300 477 808


Need an Apprentice - Find one. Be found




Money Smart - Simple guidance you can trust   ​