For Agents


At Bendigo TAFE we have strong relationships with our international agents in Australia and overseas.

We host regular events and attend exhibitions in your home country. We also hold frequent training sessions to ensure you have the most up to date information that you need to recruit students.

Agent Responsibilities

Bendigo TAFE is committed to ensuring that their education agents act ethically, honestly and in the best interests of overseas students as well as uphold the reputation of Australia’s international education sector.

The Institute requires its agents to have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian international education industry and to act honestly and with integrity.

It is our responsibility to ensure that all appointed education agents are ethical and comply with the Institute’s obligations under the following acts and regulations:

Bendigo TAFE will monitor its Education Agent’s performance and activities using a variety of methods which include:

  • Informal and formal feedback
  • Agent visits and meetings
  • Agent Evaluation Form

Bendigo TAFE will not engage in any activities with an Education Agent who has been found to be dishonest, lack integrity or have engaged in unethical behaviour.

Bendigo TAFE retains the right to veto any Education Agent activity that in Bendigo TAFE’s opinion is not compliant.

It is the responsibility of our education agents to update Bendigo TAFE with any changes. Please email your changes to

How to become an agent with Bendigo TAFE

Bendigo TAFE is highly selective and only accepts reputable and best quality applicants.

Please email to submit your expression of interest.