Competency based completion of apprenticeships

From 1 January 2011, all apprenticeships in Victoria operate as competency based completion - commonly known as CBC.  

This means all apprentices are able to complete their training at their own pace, without being locked into a fixed time period. The rate they progress through their apprenticeship is determined by demonstrating they have met competency based standards through their training program and related work, not by the time they spend in training.  

The introduction of the system further complements Bendigo TAFE's flexible delivery approach, which is offered across a broad range of apprenticeships.  

We understand every business is different and employer's requirements to have their apprentices on-site can change from week to week and from business to business. Our flexible approach to trade training benefits both employers and apprentices; providing either a small or substantial amount of on campus training and assessment, depending on the apprenticeship.  

These options include:

Traditional off-site training

This is carried out by Bendigo TAFE, where apprentices attend on campus for their formal training and assessment over a number of weeks each year. Timetables vary but may include a day a week, or a block of weeks throughout the apprenticeship. The duration of training may vary depending on how quickly the apprentice acquires the required competencies.

Blended training (this option is available to hospitality, carpentry and painting and decorating)

This is a negotiated blend of traditional and workplace training. In most cases, it is a fully flexible self-paced option where apprentices undertake some of their training on campus at a time that suits the employer, whilst other skills can be developed and assessed onsite. 

Regulatory field services 

In Victoria, the training contract between employers, apprentices and trainees is regulated by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.
To monitor compliance, regulatory field services are provided by a network of authorised officers who have a right of entry and inspection. 
BUSY At Work provided apprenticeship and traineeship regulatory field services in Victoria. 
BUSY At Work authorised officers are responsible for:
  • responding to VRQA requests to investigate potential breaches of regulations that apply to apprenticeship and traineeship arrangements in Victoria
  • completing planned visits to improve compliance with regulations and quality of training.

Where necessary BUSY At Work authorised officers refer apprentices and trainees to other agencies in matters outside the VRQA’s regulatory functions, such as issues to do with wages and occupational health and safety.

BUSY At Work authorised officers are located across regional and metropolitan Victoria and can be contacted through the VRQA on 1300 722 603.