How to complete the Online Application Form

1. How the form works

  • You must complete the online application form in one sitting, so you should ensure that you have access to all the information required.
  • If you have opened the online application from the Course Details screen, the Course Title will be preselected in the application form Course Selection (second) screen.
  • If you have opened the online application form via any other page, you will need to scroll through the courses listed, select the course you wish to apply for and move it into the selected box of the Course Selection screen by clicking on the course title and then clicking on the right double arrow button. 
  • The application form is completed by typing information into text boxes, choosing information from drop down lists, choosing dates, and answering questions.  The answers to some questions will prompt more detailed questions to appear.
  • The form consists of multiple pages with scroll bars and buttons used to navigate
  • Many of the fields have validation for the entry required. The “next” button will not progress to the next screen until all mandatory fields, marked with *, have the correct information entered.
  • Scrolling back through a page may be required to locate any incomplete mandatory fields.

2. What information do you need

  • You will be asked to provide information like your name, contact details, age, gender, preferred method of contact, employment status, background information, citizenship status, disability information and education history.

3. How is the information used

  • The information collected in this application is used to determine your suitability for enrolment in the course you have nominated and your eligibility for a government subsidy. 
  • The information will be used at course enrolment following the course selection and/or admission process. 
  • Once you are a student the information may be used to provide mandatory reporting information.  This is detailed in full in the Declaration at the end of the form.

4. Can you attach documents?

  • You can upload supporting documentation. Examples of where you might need to do this are to provide evidence of how you meet course pre requisites.

5. Submitting the completed form

  • At the end of the application form you will be asked to check the Privacy Declaration which includes a statement about how the information provided to us is used, your obligations to provide true and correct information to us, and references your obligations, rights and responsibilities as a student at Bendigo TAFE.
  • Read this carefully because if any information provided is later found to be incorrect, your enrolment and/or fee calculation may be invalid. By checking this declaration you are agreeing to the conditions of application and enrolment. You cannot submit your application until you have checked the box.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement number for your application – both on the screen and to your email if you selected email as your preferred contact method. This will be used for future correspondence.

6. What will happen next?

  • We will process your application. Processing times vary and are dependent on the course you are applying for, however a member of our Client Services Team will keep you updated.
  • This application does not mean you are enrolled in the course.
  • All students must enrol and pay for their course prior to commencement of training.

7. Do you need help?

  • If you need assistance to complete your application form you can visit any of our campuses, or contact us on 13 TAFE (13 8233) so that we can arrange appropriate assistance.