If you're a past student of Bendigo TAFE, we can assist you in maintaining contact with the people you've built relationships with. The friends you've made during your time with us as well as the teachers who've guided you are all part of the Bendigo TAFE community. We are committed to the belief that once you've left Bendigo TAFE, a part of you always remains with us.

Joining Bendigo TAFE's Alumni will help you:

  • Maintain contact between Bendigo TAFE and its graduates
  • Share your achievements with our community
  • Keep up-to-date about other's who have graduated as well as where Bendigo TAFE is headed
  • Learn about future opportunities for yourself and people you know
  • Continue a sense of belonging to an education institute that's proud of all its attendees

For more information and to join please contact the International Student Liaison Officer or write to: alumni@bendigotafe.edu.au