Bendigo TAFE recognised for supporting Defence Reservists

The Defence Reserves Support Council has recently awarded Bendigo TAFE with a Certificate of Recognition for its auxiliary assistance to Defence Reservists for this year. The award aims to highlight two aspects. Firstly, the benefits employers can receive from having Defence Reservists amongst their ranks given the highly specialised training Reservists receive and the adaptable skillsets they can bring to the workplace. Secondly, it seeks to recognise employers who are accommodating to Reservists and the time commitments a career in Defence can have on their work and personal lives.

Organisations can be nominated by their Defence Reservist employees.

Bendigo TAFE recognised for supporting Defence Reservists

Bendigo TAFE has a number of staff members who double as Army Reservists. One, Geoff Hatcher, is a Business Analyst in the Student Administration Team and a Major in the Army Reserve as a Civil Military Liaison Detachment Commander. Describing his role in Defence as a hugely varied and rewarding role but was equally effusive of the support he received from his workplace. “Bendigo TAFE has been supportive of my Army Reserve commitments. My managers value the skills, experience and training I have received during my Army Reserve career. They recognise the value of analysis, planning and prioritisation skills as also relevant to my job at Bendigo TAFE.

“A more intangible benefit is the values, ethos and reputation being a member of the Australian Defence Forces entails. Integrity and confidence are highly valued in the private sector, however are hard to measure. My Army Reserve service is a tangible way to demonstrate that I have exhibited these attributes in challenging circumstances outside the business as usual environment.”

These Employer Support Awards seek to acknowledge the contributions and support made by employers of Reservists. No financial or commercial incentives are provided to recognised employers, but we are still deeply flattered by the move given Bendigo TAFE aims to provide a supportive working environment that is flexible with other commitments. We particularly aim to accommodate the requirements of those who serve in our Defence Forces, and the benefits their specialised skillsets can bring to our organisation.

That is why Bendigo TAFE is both proud and humbled to be recognised in such a way.​​​