Rapid Recognition occurs within a specified time frame, generally eight (8) weeks, and assesses the full range of an individual’s current skills, knowledge and performance.  The candidate undertakes the entire qualification completing the compulsory units of competency and the elective units which are already included.

Entry Requirements for Rapid Recognition

Rapid Recognition is recommended for those who are currently employed and have held the position for at least two (2) years.

Assessment for Rapid Recognition

Assessment formally judges whether a person’s knowledge and performance meet industry accredited standards.  Thus being competent means that you have the knowledge, skills, personal attitudes, and work practices required to do your job.

In order to achieve competence (RG – Recognition Granted) you must:

  • Provide and list evidence in line with requirements contained in the Recognition Guide
  • Successfully answer the underpinning knowledge questions in each section of the Recognition Guide
  • Have your workplace supervisor/manager sign each section of the Recognition Guide, verifying the practical application of your skills