Education Support


After eight years of being a "Mr Mum" I wanted to return to work and still be available to look after my kids. I have always had a personal interest in Education Support and working with young kids to assist them in their learning. Before enrolling at Bendigo TAFE I spent many hours volunteering in my own kids school to help with reading and other activities and then gained a position as a tutor at a high school. I found that I was lacking the required skill set to be effective, I just didn't have the tools and knowledge to be a successful Education Support Worker.


This course helped me to succeed by giving me that knowledge and skills. While on practical placement (which lead to a paid position) I felt well prepared for what I experienced and had resources and class notes to assist me. I was also able to debrief with my TAFE teacher.


The units I studied were incredibly relevant to working in a school and I gained an important understanding and skills in:

  • communicating with students

  • duty of care

  • behaviours of concern

  • how to recognise and react to the emotional loads of parents and carers

  • developmental stages

  • literacy and numeracy development

  • how a classroom works and how to contribute to an effective learning environment.

The teachers of this course were positive, helpful and very supportive. Their willingness to share personal experiences and ideas gained throughout their own careers in the education system was not just enlightening, but reassuring. I can't stress enough how this course prepared me for the challenges of working in a school.