​​​​​​​The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is funded by the Australian Government and provides up to 510 hours of free English language lessons to eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants. If you have been granted a permanent visa or eligible temporary visa and speak little or no English, you may be eligible for the AMEP. Some migrant youths aged between 15 and 17 years of age may also be eligible.

In an Adult Migrant English Program class, you will learn English language skills and gain information about Australian society. You will meet other new arrivals, with similar backgrounds, experiences and goals, and you may make new friends. All of these together will help you settle successfully in Australia. English language skills are also very important if you wish to work in Australia.

The Adult Migrant English Program is delivered by approved service providers at around 250 locations across Australia in major cities as well as rural and regional areas. Classes are taught by teachers who are trained to teach English to speakers of other languages.

Am I eligible? 
You may also be eligible to join the AMEP classes if:
  • ​a migrant with an eligible temporary visa
  • refugee settling in Australia with a permanent visa
  • a young person (15 to 17 years) (Youth programs available)
You should register for AMEP classes within 6 months of arriving in Australia, or within 6 months of gaining permanent Australian residence.

You should start your English classes within 12 months of arriving in Australia.
If you have not met these timeframes or need more information, please contact us on 1300 675 676 to discuss your study options.

How can I study?

At Bendigo TAFE, we have dedicated English Language training classes for applicants to the AMEP. Our classes are delivered on site in Bendigo City Campus.
We believe in providing an exceptional level of support to students enrolling into the program, and ensuring that they have one-on-one access to the teachers in order to achieve their English language goals.

What will I study?

Depending on your level of English, you will have options of enrolling into the following courses:
How to enrol  

We have a number of enrolment options available for prospective students. They include:
  • ​Online enrolments URL
  • In person – You can visit our Bendigo City campus in person to enrol into the program
We also have dedicated support staff available to guide you through the process. If you have any questions about the course you need to enrol into or require additional information, please contact us and someone will help you through the process.

Where can I study?     

Our classes are delivered at Bendigo City campus.

Why Bendigo TAFE? 

  • ​Specialised youth classes at all levels offered at our Bendigo City campus
  • English as another language (EAL) classes offered at all levels from the Course in Preliminary Certificate in Spoken and Written English (10725NAT) to the Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English (10730NAT)
  • We offer a wide range of study opportunities for students who would like to gain employment skills after completing their English studies
  • Evening classes available at our Broadmeadows Campus

AMEP course process