Jackson Gordon

Diploma of Justice

Jackson Gordon

Meet Jackson Gordon, a graduate of Diploma of Justice (22594VIC) from Bendigo TAFE.


Jackson started a Diploma of Justice to understand legislation, courts, and corrections. After completing a Diploma of Justice, Jackson commenced a Bachelor in Forensic Science at Deakin University.


Why study justice?

I personally find the field of justice to be incredibly interesting and completing my Diploma with Bendigo TAFE has further deepened my understanding of criminology and made me more excited for my continued studies. Personally, I find the areas of investigation and courtroom proceedings to be the most interesting parts of our justice system.


Skills you developed in the Diploma of Justice?

Perhaps one of the best skills I learned that can be applied on a regular day-to-day basis would be mediation. I think that in a justice environment and even in a real-world everyday setting, this is an incredible skill to have that I may not have expected to acquire when beginning the diploma.

My knowledge of courtroom proceedings is sure to come in very helpful once I reach my second and third year of study but most notably, I was awarded prior learning for one of my units regarding crime and criminal proceedings which will be very helpful in surviving my studies in the next trimester.


Biggest challenge

Personally, I found it a bit difficult to adjust to online learning at times. I feel it requires a great deal more motivation. After some time, it did become a bit more natural, and it was incredibly helpful to have understanding and very diligent staff to point out additional resources to students as well as bring a very engaging attitude towards classes.

The teachers (Penny Larke and Lilly Gleeson) also made completing the coursework during Covid much more manageable and I am very grateful to them for the excellent work they put in to help all of us succeed within the course.


Advice for future students?

The best advice I could give to any prospective students would be to really engage with the other students and with the teachers. Fostering a good class atmosphere goes a long way towards keeping that excitement for study going and it was a great help to me during my time with Bendigo TAFE.