Trades Testimonials

Carpentry apprentice

“Becoming a carpenter was always at the back of my mind. I wasn’t enjoying my university course so I decided to do an apprenticeship in carpentry and I’ve loved it ever since,” he said.


The 23-year-old says his TAFE studies have provided him with the skills and confidence to build his desired future. Marcus is now responsible for leading carpentry projects located as far as Falls Creek, reflecting his employer’s strong confidence in his capabilities.

Painting and decorating apprentice

Madeleine Hatchard’s creative journey began with a painting and decorating pre-apprenticeship before progressing into a full apprenticeship at Bendigo TAFE.


“I really love painting and decorating as I love seeing the finished result. A coat of paint can make a huge difference and seeing the final result gives me a lot of pride in my work.”


“Bendigo TAFE has such a welcoming environment. My teachers all have extensive knowledge and always ensured everyone had help and understood the tasks assigned to them. The facilities and access to materials are also outstanding,” she said.

Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architecture)

For Chinese migrant Bin He, establishing a career as an architect here in Australia wasn’t always easy. But determination and the right training set him on the road to success.


“My return to full-time study was a big thing for my family. But I knew I had to act quickly to follow my dreams before it was too late. My teachers have been very helpful and supportive. Classes are also very flexible with a lot of content available online – this is great for people like me who are juggling study and family commitments,” he said.

Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architecture)

“What I’ve loved most about studying at Bendigo TAFE was the hands-on approach. Through our creative project-based developments, we could receive a better understanding of applying the skills we learn in a practical sense. These would range from smaller residential buildings in first year to more complex commercial ones later on, which I personally found was an enjoyable way to learn.”


“I’d like to join a small firm of similar likeminded designers and architects to begin designing unique and challenging buildings for the future, as well as to potentially design my own home one day.”