Koorie Support
  • Koorie Liaison Officers (KLOs) are well placed within their communities and aware of all the appropriate networks to be able to assist students in any areas they may need help;
  • Staff employed within the Koorie Education Unit have regular and ongoing Cultural Awareness sessions with their Koorie Liaison Officer and their Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (LAECG);
  • Students have valuable one on one time with their KLO at the time of their initial enquiry;
  • Students have support in their first contact with Abstudy Student Assistance Centre and KLO’s assist with providing proof of enrolment;
  • Relationships are formed with student/job networks to ensure what best suits the student;
  • Individual Learning Plans are part of the enrolment process and are revisited each term;
  • KLO’s, Teaching staff & Administration staff will assist in providing students with the best possible Educational Experience.  This may include home visits from KLO’s & Teaching Staff, follow up telephone calls;
  • KLO’s like to make each and every Indigenous student feel relaxed and comfortable that they matter and they are important and have something valuable to contribute to the Koorie Education Units;
  • KLO’s ensure everything they do or say reflects the highest ethical and moral standards;
  • KLO’s understand their students without judging, criticism or condemning.

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